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How to enjoy Seville to the fullest: 5 tips you can't miss

Daniel 17/01/2024
Seville is a city that everyone who visits falls in love with. Its beauty, its history, its culture and its gastronomy make it an unforgettable destination. But how to get the most out of your stay in Seville? Here we give you 5 tips that will help you live a unique and memorable experience.

1. Plan your route in advance

Seville has a lot to see and do, and it is impossible to cover it all in a few days. Therefore, it is important that you plan your route in advance, and choose the places that interest you most. You can use a guide, an app or a website to find out about the monuments, museums, parks and other attractions in Seville. This way, you can organize your time and your budget in the best possible way.

2. Take advantage of offers and discounts

Seville is a city that offers many facilities and advantages for tourists. For example, you can get free or discounted tickets to some of the most emblematic places in Seville, such as the Cathedral, the Alcázar or the Archivo de Indias. You can also obtain tourist cards that allow you to access various sites and means of transportation for a reduced price. And don't forget the free tours, which are free guided tours of the center of Seville, where you only pay the tip you want.

3. Discover the most authentic Seville

Seville is a city that has a lot to offer beyond the most touristy and well-known places. If you want to discover the most authentic and genuine Seville, we recommend that you explore its most popular and traditional neighborhoods, such as the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the Barrio de Triana or the Barrio de la Macarena. There you can admire the architecture, art and atmosphere of the oldest and most traditional Seville. You can also taste the most typical and varied Sevillian cuisine, with its tapas, its montaditos and its sweets. And of course, you can enjoy flamenco, the most representative art of Seville, in its peñas, tablaos and bars.

4. Adapt to the rhythm and climate of Seville

Seville is a city that has a very particular rhythm and climate, and it is important that you adapt to them to enjoy your visit to the fullest. Seville is a city that lives day and night, and has a wide range of leisure and culture. Therefore, we advise you to sleep well, get up early and take advantage of the daylight hours to see the most important places. But also reserve time to relax, to walk through its streets and squares, and to go out at night to have a drink and have fun. Seville is a city that has a very hot climate, especially in summer, and it can be very dry and suffocating. Therefore, we recommend that you hydrate well, wear light and comfortable clothing, and seek the shade and freshness of its fountains and gardens.

5. Choose the best accommodation for your stay

Seville is a city that has a wide variety of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. But if you want to live an unbeatable experience, we suggest you choose the Hotel Cervantes. The Hotel Cervantes is a four-star hotel located in the heart of Seville, a few minutes from the main points of interest. The hotel has spacious and comfortable rooms, equipped with everything you need for your comfort and well-being. The Hotel Cervantes is the perfect accommodation to enjoy Seville to the fullest. Don't hesitate and book your room at the Hotel Cervantes, the hotel that will make you feel the essence of Seville. We will wait for you!


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